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Our Sustainability Mission

At Bereco, our mission has and always will be to supply beautifully bespoke timber windows and doors that do not cost the earth. For us, it’s no longer just a case of just ‘delivering the difference,’ we are striving to make a real difference with our naturally renewable, energy-efficient carbon saving timber windows and doors.

Energy efficient windows and doors

Our timber windows and doors are designed with optimum energy efficiency in mind. Our double glazing achieves incredible U-values which are up to 15% better than the new 2023 Part L building regulations.

Double glazing from 1.2W/m²K

Triple glazing from 0.8W/m²K

SlimLine double glazing from 1.6W/m²K

Green leaves

Carbon negative windows and doors

Our wooden windows and doors are made from naturally renewable materials that are carbon negative and come from sustainable forests. When you buy our windows and doors you will be able to offset some of the carbon emissions of your own home, reducing its and your carbon footprint.

Lowest embodied carbon

Timber has the lowest embodied carbon of any window material at just 85kgCO²e compared to aluminium at 161kgCO²e.

Lower global warming

While uPVC windows have a global warming potential of +100kgCO²e, timber has -60kgCO²e which is significantly lower.

Carbon saving

Each Bereco timber window and door that is purchased helps to save over 252kgCO²e, making an incredible saving on carbon.

Our schemes

Our sustainability story

At Bereco we have always held sustainability at the core of our business and have remained focused on our environmental responsibilities since our first day of trading. We believe passionately in protecting our planet and embed this in everything we do.

Timeline of our environmental achievements


  • Our installation service has recycled 44 tonnes of site waste through our partnership with Reconomy. The majority of consumer jobs have seen more than 96% of waste recycled, with one in three jobs achieving 100%!

2018 - 2022

  • We launched our extensive range of 1.2 W/m²K U-value windows and doors to help customers who are building and developing to achieve the new national building targets.
  • We introduced our new range of flush-fitting window vents with 26% more airflow than our previous window vents.
  • We launched our sustainable timber window and door replacement service for those wanting to replace their old windows and doors in their own home. With low-emission virtual consultations, plastic-free, fully recyclable sample deliveries direct to your door and our zero-to-landfill aim* on waste, we believe our product and service is one of the most sustainable on the market today.
    (*we currently recycle 96% of all waste and are constantly looking for ways to improve this)
  • We signed the Anti-Greenwash charter to demonstrate our commitment to transparency and honesty in our sustainability messaging, and to promote accountability and fairness throughout the industry.
  • We reduced our carbon emissions with our advanced production facilities which are powered by the sun. The 3687m² installation of solar panels will reduce our carbon emissions by an incredible 580 tonnes each year.
  • We exhibited at the ASBP’s Healthy Buildings Conference & Expo 2019: Plastics in Construction, issues, impacts and alternatives.
  • We joined the Good Homes Alliance and were pleased to be invited to exhibit at their 2019 conference: Delivering Net Zero and Future Homes.
  • We sponsored the ASBP’s Plastics in Construction Working Group which is seeking a reduction in the unnecessary use of plastics and encourages the development and adoption of suitable alternative materials.
  • We achieved an 85% reduction in carbon emissions per delivery when importing our products after we changed our method of transportation from road to sea.
  • We saved 279.5 acres of rainforest with World Land Trust.
  • We made changes so that we could power our offices with 100% renewable energy.
  • We replaced all plastic paint tubs with metal paint tins in an effort to reduce waste.
  • We achieved a bronze level of recognition with the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

2013 - 2017

  • Bereco sales and estimating offices became fully paperless, with all quotations and correspondence completed via email.
  • We supplied windows and doors to the Princes Natural House,  a show house at the BRE Innovation Park to demonstrate how new houses can meet stringent low-carbon targets.
  • We discontinued European Oak due to question marks over its FSC® chain of custody.
  • The new Bereco Be Inspired brochure was made available to download to reduce our paper waste.
  • Heriot-Watt University completed life analysis of timber windows on behalf of the WWA, proving engineered timber windows have a service life of 60 years and over.

2008 - 2012

  • We introduced the Bereco Resource Centre which is home to all our CAD drawings. As part of our process to become a paperless business, we also ensured the drawings could be downloaded.
  • We obtained chain of custody from our factory to our head office and started supplying windows and doors manufactured from only FSC® 100% timber.
  • Water coolers were introduced into our offices to increase staff wellbeing.  The water is sourced from a local company which uses water from local Yorkshire springs and reuses all plastic bottles.
  • We launched our range of triple-glazed windows and doors capable of meeting Passivhaus standards with U-values as low as 0.7W/m²K.
  • Our windows achieved ‘A’ rated energy efficiency through the BFRC window energy rating scheme.
  • The Heritage range was launched for architecturally sensitive projects, offing U-values of 1.3-1.5W/m²K with narrow cavity SlimLine glazing that offered a balance between thermal efficiency and the requirements of conservation.
  • Warm edge spacers were introduced as an option for our high-performance sealed units for further energy-saving possibilities.

2003 - 2007

  • We became a founding member of the Wood Window Alliance and join forces with the BWF, and Wood for Good in the promotion of timber as a sustainable material for construction.
  • We supplied 12 “zed” houses in Brixton with Bereco windows which went on to win Low Energy Building of the Year Award 2006, and was the first commercial development to achieve the coveted BRE Code 6 ‘as built’ certification in 2007.
  • We became self-sufficient with a dedicated sawmill which was introduced for complete control of raw materials.
  • We began to make our own FSC® 100% timber pallets from the waste from our dedicated sawmill.
  • Our windows achieve acceptance as the only timber window for the One Planet Products buying group – part of the One Planet Living initiative from Bioregional.
  • We established the FSC® chain of custody from forest to factory.
  • We delivered our first FSC-accredited windows and doors.
  • We introduced the use of only fully recyclable timber pallets for the delivery of our windows and doors.
  • Our first Environmental Policy was established.

Our commitment

At Bereco we are continually pushing both our business and the products to be the most sustainable we can be. We follow the guiding principles of sustainability and have identified six core areas to our business based on these guidelines. We will continue to follow this ethos to deliver an ongoing improvement in sustainability.

1. Energy consumption

In 2018, we committed to use only 100% renewable electricity and carbon-neutral gas to power our offices in the UK and we still follow this today.

We continue to use only 100% renewable energy to power our offices. This commitment means we are lowering our carbon impact by around 3,500 tonnes of CO² which is equivalent to the work of around 1,770 trees capturing and storing the carbon from our atmosphere annually.

We are constantly seeking to improve the energy-saving potential of our timber windows and doors over and above the requirements of the building regulations in the UK.

In 2022, significant changes were introduced to the minimum energy efficiency requirements of both new and existing homes in response to the findings that our housing stock accounted for over 16% of the UK’s total carbon emissions – overtaking that of the transport sector. The most significant contributor to these emissions is space heating, suggesting our housing stock (all 23 million of them) is entirely energy inefficient at retaining heat.

Windows and doors play their part in the need for space heating as heat can be lost through the glass, frames, seals and where the window is fitted into the fabric of the building. We are pleased to say that our timber windows and doors now offer U-values that not only comply with the limits of the regulations and are up to 43% better with U-values starting from 0.8W/m²K triple glazed and 1.2W/m²K double glazed.

2. Carbon emissions

We commit to providing transparency on the carbon footprint of both our business operations and of our product.

We are pleased to say that we have completed our first Cradle to Gate analysis of our timber sliding sash window. We have also completed our first Environmental Product declaration giving us an insight into the environmental impact and life cycle of our sash window product in the following areas:

  • Global warming potential (CO2e)
  • Non-renewable resource consumption
  • Energy consumption
  • Water consumption
  • Waste reduction

We continue to develop our plans in this area and aim to declare the Carbon Footprint of our products and our business by 2023.

3. Healthier happy homes

We endeavour to use only natural materials in the manufacture of our windows and doors and we make sure to reduce the risk of health issues associated with noise and sleep deprivation.

We are continuing to reduce the amount of ‘other materials’ used in our windows and doors such as vents, weather strips, hinges and ironmongery, and replacing them with materials that can be recycled or reused. In 2018 we set up an environmental working group focused on eliminating plastic from our products and our supply chain, and joined the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products (ASBP) and The Good Homes Alliance (GHA) in an effort to find solutions to this problem.

We continue to be committed to this cause and will review our supply chain annually for any innovation from our supply chain. It is estimated that 54% of the UK population is exposed to daytime noise pollution greater than the recommended levels, which given the potential health impacts, is concerning. Research is available linking traffic noise to health issues such as cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke and dementia, with people living near airports having an ever-greater increased risk of such conditions.

Bereco’s Ambient Range of Timber Windows and Doors, which launched in October 2018, offers the solution to reducing the health risks associated with noise pollution offering windows and doors with third-party certified overall dB ratings of 33dB, 38dB, 41dB and 42dB.

4. Packaging and waste

We aim to reduce our non-recyclable waste by 50% through both business and product development by the year 2023.

Our products are delivered on fully recyclable timber pallets made by our very own sawmill using offcuts of our FSC® timber. We will collect the pallets we deliver, where possible, in an effort to reuse them for future customer deliveries, helping to extend their service life before recycling is necessary.

We continue to seek alternative solutions to our packaging and are pleased to be part of the ASBP’s Plastics Working Group which is looking to identify sustainable, cost-effective alternatives to this problem. This year we have eliminated the single-use plastic pots that our touch-up paint is stored in, preventing around 2,500 plastic pots from going to landfill each year.

5. Transport and vehicles

We commit to ensuring our chosen haulage company, Truswell Haulage complies with all current legislation and seeks to reduce carbon emissions through everyday practices.

The average truck travelling at a motorway speed of 50 m.p.h. burns 50% of its fuel just pushing air out of the way. It is believed that by further improving vehicle “streamlining” or “air management” a reduction in fuel burn and therefore carbon emissions is achievable.

Truswell Haulage operate a Truswell “Traffic Planning and Routing Policy” and a Truswell “Fuel and Tyre Management Policy” and continually monitors driver performance and driver training in an effort to reduce fuel burn. The government office for Low Emissions Vehicles and Innovate U.K. has sponsored a major research project which sets the challenge to further improve fuel efficiency by various engineering solutions.

A working group of the best and most knowledgeable companies in this field has been formed, Truswell Haulage is extremely proud to have been chosen to provide the critical driving and vehicle specification data that will be used to explore ways to further reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions. The rigid vehicles we use to deliver our windows and doors will be part of this challenge.

6. Supply chain ethics

We commit to only supply FSC® 100% certified timber in our timber windows and doors and to maintain our ongoing FSC® chain of custody certification of both our softwood and hardwood, reviewing our supply chain annually.

FSC® accredited since 2004 our wooden windows and doors are made from FSC® 100% timber. In 2014 we discontinued the supply of European Oak after a review of the supply chain left a question mark over the chain of custody that could not be immediately verified without confidence. As a result we chose to remove Oak from our timber offering. Today, we continue to pioneer and champion the use of only 100% FSC® certified timber in the manufacture of our wooden windows and doors.

Our environmental and Green Claims policies

As part of our environmental policy, our values do not stop at the products we supply. We also consider our environmental impact at all stages from our supply chain down to how our offices are powered.
As a signatory of the Anti-Greenwash charter we publish a Green Claims policy. This details how our marketing practices adhere to the charter’s standards and it also includes information on how we guarantee that green claims made about our products and services are fair and substantiated.

Environmental PolicyGreen Claims Policy

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Whether you’re a homeowner working on a renovation project for your home, an architect looking for specific windows and doors, or a trade professional building new homes and properties, we offer a tailored service to help you budget, design, and order bespoke timber windows and doors.


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We replaced the window that our designers and construction team had ordered from Potton as it was far too high and small. I ordered a much bigger window direct from Bereco. They were extremely helpful and kept in touch regularly, helping us by bringing the date forward as we needed the replacement window urgently to allow work to progress.
The window fitted perfectly. It was of a very good quality and I am really pleased I decided to order a bigger one.


At all stages throughout the process of getting information, getting a quotation and dealing with queries, placing the order and organising delivery the staff were very polite, clear and professional.
The product arrived safely and has been admired by local skilled timber craftsmen.

Ian Bloese

A really good company to deal with. Very helpful team of people from sales, technical support and delivery. Any time I called, I did not have to wait to speak to the right person and help was immediate. So not only great customer service but also terrific products, well designed and exact fit. Competitively priced.

Graham Roberts

I was very happy with Bereco’s service levels and the products are excellent, very good quality. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

Simon Hazelton

Beautifully constructed windows which do the job perfectly. Handled Covid disruption effectively. Installation went smoothly. All in all a job very well done. Would recommend without reservation.


Visited the showroom last year and impressed with the finish and quality. Just as delighted with the windows and back door that we ordered. They look fabulous.


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