Timber Sliding Sash Windows

Bereco timber sash windows not only embody traditional style they come with exceptional energy efficiency to meet the demands of today’s homes. Whether you are renovating a Victorian townhouse, an Edwardian cottage or a Georgian terrace you will find a sash window to suit the unique character of your home without compromising on security or weather performance.

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Watch our sliding sash windows video for a summary of our ranges, features and bespoke options.

Choosing the Right Timber Sash Window

Sliding Sash Spiral Balance

Spiral Balance is our most popular style of sash window with maintenance-free, semi-concealed, in-frame spiral balances. The balances are available in either White, Brown, Black or Cream to match your chosen finish. The balances too can be completely concealed so they do not detract from the window’s traditional style.

Sliding Sash Cords & Weights

Often called box sash or sash and case windows, our cords & weights sash windows are the essence of traditional design; featuring lead or steel weights, nylon sash cords with exceptional tensile strength and draught-proof axel pulley wheels. They are available with an easy clean facility and feature internal access to both the internal and external sash weight pockets is for ease of future maintenance.

Totally bespoke

With totally bespoke sizes and designs, our sash windows can span widths up to 1.2 metres and reach heights of up to 2.7 metres using any combination of fixed and opening sashes in your choice of contemporary, traditional or heritage mouldings.

Create traditional styles such as horizontal, cottage, Georgian, or marginal bar using our applied 16mm, 25mm and 35mm glazing bars.

Traditional style meets contemporary living

Our internally glazed sash windows are listed property approved, Secured by Design and Part Q compliant, and come fitted with lockable fasteners and child restrictors.

With exceptional draught-proofing, weather performance and triple glazing Uw values as low as 0.8W/m²K our sash windows perform 40% better than current Part L Building Regulations and are suitable for low energy retrofits.

Replicating original sash window features

Slim frames, timber only parting beads, timber staff beads/baton rods and travel stops, the option of deeper bottom sash rails and 7 styles of sash horn allow you to replicate any original sash design from the classical era.

Design a home from the Classical era

Curved head frames, curved on plan frames, curved sashes and even curved glass are available Dividing or applied bars in varying widths mean we can replicate any of the classical bar patterns.

Certified Noise Reducing Sash Windows

Our sash windows are the only certified noise-reducing timber sash windows offering overall window noise reduction up to 42dB and incorporating glazing with a dB rating up to 47dB; perfect for reducing noise from road, rail or aircraft as well as antisocial noise in inner cities.


Add a splash of colour

Every sliding sash window is beautifully factory finished using the most environmentally friendly water-based paint or stain. Choose from any RAL Classic, RAL Design, NCS and BS colour charts or match to Farrow & Ball, Earthborn or Fired Earth colour collections.

With single or dual colour options you can create the perfect match to the exterior facade and interior decor of the property.

Handles & Locks

Our timber sash windows come fitted with fitch fasteners, hook lifts and opening restrictors. Choose from 2 designs of fitch fasteners, The Fitch Lock or the Brighton Fastener; 3 designs of opening restrictor the key-operated Vent Lock, the push and twist Vent Lock or the Angel Vent Lock. Our cords and weights windows also come with round end pulley wheels and optional D handles and ring lifts.

Choose sash windows that don’t cost the earth.

Our sliding sash windows are naturally renewable, carbon neutral and made from only sustainably sourced FSC 100% certified softwood or hardwood. The care and attention we give to our timber before and during the manufacturing process ensures a 60 year+ life span, 10-year warranty and low maintenance for life.

Sliding Sash FAQ's

Sashes slide vertically within the frame. At Bereco we offer both cords & weights, which is a traditional weight and pulley system, as well as spiral balances which are a tensioned spring mechanism where a coiled spring is discretely concealed inside an encased coloured tube to match the windows finish.

We offer our sash windows in traditional cords & weights or a modern spiral balance method of operation, with traditional or heritage style mouldings and bars that are perfect for replacement or conservation areas.

They are a completely different opening mechanism; the cords & weights option has wider jambs in which to hold the lead or steel weight, but there is no difference in the warranty we offer. 

At Bereco we don’t offer a tilt facility; this style of window usually comes with unsightly and non-compressing brush seals that can affect weather performance. However, our cords & weights option is available with an easy clean system that allows the bottom sash to open inwards side hung.  

We can offer this, however, both our hardwood and redwood timbers carry the same warranty, as they are engineered defect-free timber that is preservative-treated and fully factory finished. At Bereco every individual timber element of our windows is treated with preservative using the most technologically advanced coating systems from Teknos, which is why we can offer our 30-year warranty against rot and fungal decay. 

No you don’t; but if you do want them we have 7 different styles to choose from. 

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