6-8 week lead time all year round
10 year warranty, 60 year life expectancy
Designed by you; made to measure by us
98% of our customers would recommend us
Whole window U-values as low as 0.8W/m2K

6-8 week lead time
all year round

Designed by you;
made to measure by us

10 year warranty,
60 year life expectancy

97% of our customers
would recommend us

At The Factory

At Bereco the production facility is the key to ensuring our wooden windows and doors last a lifetime, we understand fully that what happens here will determine both the quality and longevity of the wood windows and doors we will then deliver.

How we manufacture our windows and doors

When placing your order with Bereco we start by cutting the timber from the sawmill to length for each window size and configuration ordered. Each cut section is then marked with a series of numbers that denotes the window or doors position on the production schedule of manufacture. Computers are used at all manufacturing positions with order documentation uploaded so paperwork is not needed at each and every stage of production.

A heavy investment in IT and equipment ensures for absolute precision in the manufacture of your timber windows and doors. The factory is one of the most advanced in Europe with laser guided cutting machines cutting to a tolerance of 0.001 of a mm so when you order a 1215mm wide wooden sash window that is the size you can be sure to receive. All tooling is regularly scanned by a start of the art machine to ensure accuracy is maintained day in day out.

An automated CNC machine, the tenon joint machine, now takes the lead based on the product chosen it selects the correct tenon profile for the job profiling each section ready for assembly. Tenons are glued and mechanically pressed creating strengthened joints ready for the timbers first stage of the factory coating treatment process.
Assembled frames now take their first trip through our integrated coating booth; at this stage the frames are getting their initial timber preservative treatment; design to penetrate deep into the timber its offers protection against rot and fungal decay and stabilises the timber against twist and warp.
The sanding process is often an area where shortcuts are made. At our factory there are 3 stages of sanding to ensure the smoothest of finishes on all our wooden windows and doors. Stage 1 after preservative treatment; stage 2 after basecoat application and stage 3 after first topcoat application. The majority of the sanding work is done by hand by trained joiners working as an integrated part of our production line.

Our factory has two automated coating booths and drying chambers where the final layer of top coat is applied providing our timber windows and doors with their final weather resistant coating. This coating and hanging out to dry system ensures film thicknesses of our coatings are consistent across all parts of the product so you don’t get unsightly paint build up in the corners. Manual checking is also carried out on every order to ensure perfect paint build thicknesses so you can be assured of paint that is going to last.

All completed frames having received their final coat of paint or stain now have protective strips of ply fitted under the cills and sole selections to prevent any damages to the finish in transit to hardware fitting. At this location locking systems; hinges; balances in the case of sliding sash and restriction devices are installed.
In maintaining the complete supply chain Bereco are also proud to boast that in addition to our sawmill we have a fully operational glass plant on the site of our production facility. The glass plant manufactures from sheet glass double glazed units; state of the art pressure gas filling machines create bespoke sealed units with and without dummy spacer bars just for our wooden windows and doors ensuring we can offer a full 10 year warranty against sealed unit failure. FSC 100% timber bars are then hand applied to the surface of the glass and silicone sealed for enduring weather performance.
Glass and fittings completed; the frames are cleaned from top to bottom and then undergo the scrutiny of our quality checking team. Solely dedicated to checking both the operation and quality of each and every wooden window and door that leaves our production facility their high standards are clear to see.
Now complete your new Bereco timber windows and doors are ready for shipment; we securely palletise them on our FSC 100% recyclable timber pallets ready for onward delivery to you.

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