Our Certification

At Bereco simply manufacturing timber windows and doors to comply with a list of standards is not enough. We aim to ‘Deliver the Difference’ in all that we do from our customer service to the products we supply. Evidence of this commitment can be found in our investment in the certification and accreditations we hold that ensure we supply not only sustainable, high quality, low maintenance timber window and doors but that they will add value to any property.

Bluesky General Performance Windows

BS 644 specifies the requirements of factory assembled timber windows. Covering timber preservation, profile design, workmanship, glazing, construction, safety, security, weather tightness, performance and operation and strength it is often referred to as the benchmark for manufacturers of timber windows.

Bluesky Timber High Performance Windows Scheme

The Bluesky High Performance Timber Window Scheme is designed to raise the bar when it comes to the performance of wooden windows and doors. The Scheme enables us to demonstrate that our windows perform at a much higher level than the standards covered by the Window General Performance Scheme BS644:2012.

Bluesky Enhanced Security Window and Door Scheme

Bereco are members of the Bluesky Enhanced Security Windows and Enhanced Security Door Schemes; the aim of the schemes to raise the ongoing standard of window and door security in homes across the UK. Under the scheme our timber windows and doors are tested and certified to PAS 24:2016, the enhanced security performance requirement for windows and doors in the UK.

Bluesky Coatings and Finish Application Scheme

Bereco is the only timber windows and doors supplier in the UK with membership to the Bluesky Paint Application Scheme. Membership to the scheme is voluntary and demonstrates our continued commitment to supplying products that are factory finished to the highest possible standard.

FSC® Chain of Custody Certification

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is an international, non for profit organisation that promotes the responsible management of the world’s forests. The FSC® accredits third party organisations, such as BM TRADA who certify forest managers to the standards required by FSC®.

Noise Reducing Windows Scheme

With recent studies identifying a distinct link between regular exposure to noise and physical and psychological health conditions such as hearing impairment, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, annoyance, and sleep disturbance, it is increasingly important that we take measures to reduce expose to noise.

Secured By Design logo

Secured By Design

Bereco are a fully licensed member of ‘Secured by Design’ – a national police initiative designed to reduce and prevent crime in homes across the country. The scheme aims to ‘design out crime’ through the use of high quality, innovative products and processes incorporating security features at design stage.

Part Q

The Approved Document Q (Security – Dwellings) of the Building Regulations came into effect in England on 1st October 2015, bringing a minimum level of security into new dwellings. Bereco products are PAS24:2016 tested and certified as members of the Bluesky Enhanced Security Window and Door Schemes. Bluesky are a SBD approved third party accreditation body meaning you can comply with ADQ with minimum effort.

Part K

Bereco sash windows are tested in accordance with BS6180:2011 and BS6399-1:1996 ensuring full compliance with Part K of the Building regulations in England and Wales “protection from falling, collision and impact”. Full test report available upon request from our technical office.

CE Mark

As defined by EU regulations from the first of July 2013, all of our products have CE Markings. The CE Marking is a declaration that Bereco products meet the requirements of the applicable EU directive.