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Choosing the right colour for your timber windows and doors

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casement windows with bulb end handle

Colour is an important aspect of design and perhaps the most personal and dramatic statement you can make in your home. Choosing the perfect colour can transform your home, act as an expression of your personality and also create mood and improve wellbeing. When it comes to timber windows and timber doors, there are various elements that you will want to consider in order to choose the perfect finish.

Here is what to consider:

  1. Materials and design scheme inside and out.
  2. Your surroundings
  3. The colours that inspire you

Creating Harmony Inside and Out

Firstly, and integral to the look of your home, you will want to ensure that the chosen finish works in harmony with both internal paint finishes and external materials, whether this be brick, render, stone. If you are considering a bold finish for the exterior frame you may want to keep the internal finish more neutral to accentuate interior wall finishes and keep your interior space light.

This aesthetic can be created by choosing a dual colour finish which really gives you the flexibility to be creative, yet in keeping with the space. For example, if you are experimenting with colour you may opt for a Graphite Grey or Jet Black finish externally yet with the option to keep the internal window frame in a crisp Traffic White you have an internal space which reflects natural light and remains neutral. At the same time, injecting bold colour to the exterior of an entrance door whilst keeping the internal leaf in a neutral finish will set the stage for a light and bright hallway interior.

Your Surroundings

An important consideration when deciding on timber window colours is to ensure you are in keeping with your surroundings. At the same time, it is wise to look to these particular surroundings to provide colour inspiration. Should you be renovating a Victorian Townhouse you may wish to blend in with the style and colour of neighbouring properties and in doing so would keep your colour choice to simple whites and creams, for example. If you are surrounded by rolling hillside and countryside why not look to take inspiration from the colours of nature by using earthy tones such as Oatmeal and Moss Grey. By doing so we are creating a vital connection with our environment.

Colour Inspiration

Choosing colour is a personal process and you look to find a colour that will effortlessly reflect your own style. Choice is key here and the beauty of wooden windows is that your choice doesn’t have to be restricted to a mere handful of colours. With a vast array of colours available, how do choose?

Think about what you want to achieve. If you are looking for a simple, timeless finish you may opt for a crisp white colour and this in itself comes with an array of shade options from Pure White, to a slightly more muted Traffic White, so consider the shade that works for you. Colour trends in windows are expanding beyond white and we have seen elegant pastel shades such as those seen in our Heritage Paint Collection becoming increasingly popular in creating a calming, serene home décor. A key trend for 2018 is ‘ice cream colours’ so why not experiment with a palette of pastel shades. Looking for something a little bolder, another colour trend is inky blues which would create a bold impact on an entrance door leaf and a real feature against a white painted door frame.

For those that are fond of pastels but looking to recreate a scandi theme, we have introduced a new shade to this exclusive range in the form of ‘Smoke’ – A cool dusty grey with a calming scandi feel.’ If you are looking for a grey finish but with a stark industrial finish a mid-dark grey in the form of Anthracite Grey is the perfect choice.

Here at Bereco we have witnessed many changes to colour trends in timber windows over the years. We saw a stark increase in grey shades during last year. Grey is versatile colour with a whole host of various shades, each provoking its own feel. Darker shades promote a modern and architectural feel whilst later shades add character and elegance to period properties as seen this lovely refurbishment by Back to Front Exterior Design. Bereco timber windows and doors can be painted in any RAL, BS or Farrow & Ball finish and with a range of 16 stain finishes the design choice really is endless.

Still looking for inspiration? You will find all you need to guide you through this design choice with our unique Paint Collection Catalogue which includes fully finished timber swatches of our most popular shades allowing you to compare against external finishes and light conditions. Contact our sales team on 01709 838 188 to find out more.


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