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How To Decorate Your Timber Windows this Christmas

Windows are often overlooked areas to decorate for the festive season, but there are hundreds of ways you can make the most of the interior and exterior look of your home by adoring your windows with seasonal decor. Looking at your specific window type, whether a sash window, a casement window or an entrance door, […]

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Soundproofing our Homes: V1: What is ‘Building Acoustics’?

Building acoustics is the science of engineering of achieving a good sound within a building. It can also be considered a discipline of great importance for achieving a sustainable development. When we think of acoustics we tend to think of the art of controlling the sound from within the building. Our thoughts turn to a […]

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tree growth in timber


Embracing the future, conserving the past.

The first conservation areas were identified in 1967 and today there are over 8,000 conservation areas in England, designated for their special architectural and historic interest. These areas are an important part of the UK’s Heritage. The unsympathetic replacement of windows in these areas was found to be the single biggest threat to property values […]

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casement window


Navigating and Complying with Building Regulations: Windows and Doors: V2 Existing Dwellings

In our previous blog we discussed the different ways of ensuring you comply with the building regulations in England on new homes, this second volume looks at the building regulations that apply when replacing windows and doors in existing homes. Now most will think that if you are just replacing windows in your own home […]

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New Home


Complying with UK Building Regulations on Windows and Doors: V1: New Homes

Compliance with the building regulations in the UK is something that every builder or developer has concerns about and with so many building regulations vying for priority on a development just how do you ensure you get the right windows and doors that are fully compliant with, not one, but all of the current building […]

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There is growth in timber: How Blue Planet 2 has changed consumer buying habits

Over the years, we, as an industry have witnessed many changes, one of which being the world in which we live in. The screening of ‘Blue Planet 2’ has been a catalyst for change, a change in the products we buy and the questions being asked about the pollution created through consumption and the waste […]

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Contemporary sliding sash windows in keeping with traditional high street

Tenterden is a quaint little town with a beautiful tree-lined high street made up of interesting ornate buildings and independent shops. A town with a large conservation area and steeped in a rich history, it stands on the edge of the remnant forest The Weald. The town’s name is derived from the Old English “Tenet […]

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folding door


French Doors, Folding Doors, Sliding Doors – Which to choose?

What with the much anticipated arrival of summer, we rush to make the most of what sun we are granted in the UK, and perhaps the best place to enjoy this is in our own back gardens. A glazed door will open up your home, connect you to your outdoor space and can make all […]

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flush casement Bereco


Brighton Interior Blogger’s 1930’s Renovation Story

Fifi Mcgee is a country bumpkin at heart who runs a successful lifestyle and interior blog site. Having a passion for all things home decoration and a love of creating a humble, homely country cottage feel, Fifi draws from first-hand experience of running her own renovation to create blog posts which explore the elements that […]

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Heritage Flush French Doors


Preserving the Character of a Charming Historic England Listed Home

Once a former Post Office, this characterful home, albeit loved for a long time by a previous family, had not been well maintained and was in serious need of restoring to its former glory. Situated in one of England’s most picturesque villages, this listed family home was patiently awaiting a new owner who would be […]

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Bereco Lipped Casement Green


Home Renovation Trends for 2018 – Wood and Wellness

When it comes to renovating your home the options are endless so being aware of the latest trends is a great place to start. Here are three trends looking to be prominent in 2018. Cosagach Danish Lifestyle trend ‘Hygge’ saw us gravitating towards all things calm and cosy in order to adopt the wonderful way […]

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Wooden Casement Window Polished Chrome Bulb End


Choosing the right colour for your timber windows and doors

Colour is an important aspect of design and perhaps the most personal and dramatic statement you can make in your home. Choosing the perfect colour can transform your home, act as an expression of your personality and also create mood and improve wellbeing. When it comes to timber windows and timber doors, there are various […]

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Counting The Carbon Impact Of Wooden Windows & Doors

For many years the uPVC window companies have been telling us that their windows are better than timber windows because they counteracts the pitfalls of timber windows that we all remember from the 80s and 90s. The have been telling us now for years that uPVC windows have a long life, need no maintenance or […]

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Taking Down Barriers To Compliance With Part K In Timber Windows

Windows are often being used as a barrier in place of an actual barrier or balustrade and building inspectors are now looking for evidence that the glass in the windows can withstand the forces of impact set out in British Standard BS6180. So, where do you go for proof and how are you supposed to tackle […]

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Wood Campus Logo


Wood Campus – Windows & The Sustainable Benefits of Timber

What is Wood Campus? Wood Campus is an initiative developed in co-operation with the UK timber industry its aim to provide a range of information, inspiration and learning tools for specifiers and users of wood. Key partners include the Timber Trade Federation, the British Woodworking Federation, the Wood Window Alliance and Wood for Good.   […]

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Bereco Customer Service Questionnaire


Have your say…

At Bereco we are constantly working to increase the quality of our Customer Service. Let us know how you think we are doing by completing this quick 5 question customer survey to help us improve further.

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Bereco Blue Timber Front Doors


What does your front door say about you?

Today the use of engineered defect free timber that is sustainably farmed and grown for enhanced durability with controlled moisture content has played a big role in improving the longevity of the UK’s entrance doors.

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Bereco Sliding Sash Timber Windows


The Value Of A Good Installation

At Bereco we have been reinforcing the value of a high quality installation for many years and more so in recent months with more and more emphasis now being placed on low carbon targets for homes, air pressure testing for new dwellings in accordance with Part L and even new builds and renovations being completed […]

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Bereco Secured By Design


Secured By Design For Timber Windows & Doors Explained

What is Secured by Design? To answer this question simply, Secured by Design is a police initiative that strives to improve the security of both new and existing homes in the UK. Established in 1989 the initiative was developed to improve overall security in both the design of the properties and through the use of […]

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Can timber windows be low maintenance


Do Low Maintenance Timber Windows Really Exist?

Can timber windows really be low maintenance? Bereco’s General Manager Nicola Harrison discusses homeowners concerns around timber windows maintenance and decoration. When purchasing timber windows one of the most common questions I am asked by homeowners is how often will I have to decorate my windows and how long is the paint actually going to […]

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Installing Timber Windows & Doors Correctly


Installing Timber Windows & Doors Correctly

Bereco’s range of installation and maintenance solutions will ensure a high performance installation that is fully compliant with UK building regulations and Bereco warranties. Cavity Formers Window and door reveals if not closed correctly can lead to heat loss and issues with mould, damp and even water ingress. Certified by the BBA Bereco cavity formers ensure […]

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Retaining Traditional Window Design


Retaining Traditional Design, Solid vs Stick on Bars

In 2009, the Heritage at Risk campaign on conservation areas raised the loss of traditional windows as a cause for concern, stating that unsympathetic replacement of windows and doors represented the number one threat to our heritage and affected no less than 83% of conservation areas. View “Retaining Traditional Design, Solid Vs Stick on Bars” […]

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Bereco products are all Part Q compliant


The New Part Q & What It Means For You

As with the introduction of other Building Regulations, Approved Document Q will be phased in. The regulation applies to all new buildings, unless a full plans application, or the building notice was submitted before 1st October 2015 (in which case, the actual work needs to be started prior to 1st October 2016). This means that […]

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Bereco Sliding Sash Windows


Understanding BM Trada Certification

When purchasing timber windows and doors it is important to ensure that products are backed by credible independent certifications. All Bereco products are certified by BM TRADA, a widely recognised leading provider of third party certifications. We have membership to several Q Mark schemes that monitor various areas of window performance. Bereco are members of […]

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Bereco flush casement timber windows


10 Step Guide To Purchasing Timber Windows and Doors

Here at Bereco we have created a step by step checklist to help you avoid common pitfalls and ensure your project runs smoothly and on budget from start to finish. Choosing the right supplier is essential and by following these 10 simple rules you will be much more equipped to make the right decision when purchasing […]

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Bereco Sliding Sash Acoustic Timber Window


Things To Consider When Choosing Acoustic Glazing

If a property is in close proximity to an airport, motorway or in a busy inner city location it is likely to be affected by high levels of environmental noise. The levels of external noise entering the home can be attributed to many factors; however one of the key factors is the performance of the […]

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Bereco Sliding Sash Spiral Balance


What to Consider When Choosing Wooden Sash Windows

Whether you are building a new home in the style of the Georgian era, renovating a Victorian property or replacing windows in a Grade I listed Castle, wooden sash windows are likely to be a necessity to match the period and charm of the building. Often associated with 18th and 19th century properties, wooden sash windows are […]

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Bereco Secured By Design


Understanding the importance of Secured By Design

Bereco are now a fully licensed member of Secured by Design;  a national police initiative designed to help support the government initiative to reduce and prevent crime in homes across the UK. The scheme has been in place for over 20 years and has been proven to reduce home burglaries by as much as 75%!! […]

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Bereco Flush Casement Windows in Grey


Introducing the BM TRADA Q Mark Paint Application

Bereco are one of only 3 manufacturers in the whole of the UK with membership to the voluntary scheme which demonstrates our continued commitment to providing high quality products. In addition to enhancing the aesthetical appearance of a window or door it is critical for the longevity of any timber product that the correct coating […]

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Bereco acoustic French Doors at The Radisson Blu Hotel


Introducing the importance of acoustic glazing

Choosing the right glazing for your home is an important decision, particularly for properties located in areas exposed to a high volume of environmental noise. Acoustic glazing is a popular choice for inner city properties, those exposed to a high volume of road or aircraft noise and larger buildings such as hotels. The demand for […]

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Bereco Timber Casement Windows


Importance of Glazing When Choosing Windows

Glazing type is one of the most important choices when choosing the perfect windows and doors for your home. With the recent sudden rise in the cost of household utility bills it is essential to invest in products with excellent insulation properties that make your home more energy efficient. Purchasing products like triple glazed windows […]

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Bereco Dual Colour Timber Windows and Doors


Dual Colour Timber Windows & Doors

The Interior décor and exterior façade of most properties can vary considerably in terms of style and finish. Choosing a dual colour finish on timber windows and doors means you can have the best of both worlds without compromise. Bereco offer any BS, RAL or Farrow & Ball paint colours and a choice of 16 […]

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Bereco supplied timber windows and doors to Glentruim Castle


Replacing doors and windows in listed buildings

Replacing the windows and doors in a listed building is often a common area of controversy and strict control. Windows and doors are a major part of a building’s facade and character and so therefore it is a crucial aspect of any restoration project. Buildings are ‘listed’ because they are considered to be of special […]

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Bereco Timber Front Door in Blue with black handle


Improving Our Ironmongery Options

One piece of feedback we hear regularly is that our customers want to deal with a window and door supplier who is a one-stop shop when it comes to products, services and accessories. We have recently expanded our window and door ironmongery range to further develop our ability to be this flexible and all-encompassing supplier […]

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Bereco Sash Windows Locking Demo


Bereco Sash Windows – Locking Demo

To ensure all Bereco products are safe for all users and to achieve Approved Building Regulations, Bereco install window restrictors as standard. There are a series of different restrictors across the Bereco range, and with the sliding sash windows there are 2 options available. The video first shows the Angel Lock (Traditional Sash standard). As […]

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Bereco entrance doors leaf installation video


Bereco Flush Entrance Doors Adjustment & Leaf Installation

All Bereco Entrance doors and French doors are supplied pre hung in their frames with SFS Intec hinges that offer easy adjustment once installed in 3 dimensions. Adjusting the flush door is simple. The SFS Just 3D flush door hinge allows adjustment by one person using a basic 4mm allen key without the need for […]

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Bereco lipped doors adjustment


Bereco Lipped Doors Adjustment

All Bereco Entrance doors and French doors are supplied pre hung in their frames with SFS Intec hinges that offer easy adjustment once installed in 3 dimensions. Adjusting the lipped door is simple. The SFS Easy 3D lipped door hinge allows adjustment by one person using a basic 4mm allen key without the need for […]

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