28.11.2015 Case Study

Wiseton Hall, Nottinghamshire – Part 1

Wiseton Hall was built in 1771, and was for a great number of years, the residence and property of the Ackloms family, whose representatives took pride in their estate and spent much time in making improvements.  It was purchased by the current owner in 2014.


The house itself was livable albeit in need of a major refurbishment and renovation program.  After careful consideration and research it was decided to replace the external joinery with new energy efficient windows which proved to be more cost effective than repairing the existing.

Why Bereco?

The reason I gave Bereco the opportunity to quote for the external joinery for this project is that I already knew about their exceptional products, service and quality, so once we received the competitive price the decision was made to order Bereco windows.


Interesting Fact

The house was once owned by Earl Spencer and after the Earls death the estate was sold to Mr Neville of Thorney. It then became the residence of Mr Robert Manners-Sutton, who like his predecessor was a clergyman.  Following that it became the home to the Laycock family where the family crest can be seen above the main door.


Special Requirements

We chose the sliding sash windows in the contemporary range because the pencil round profile matched the exisiting windows and worked well, the other deciding factor in our choice was that the joinery package was very competitive.

I was asked by my client to source the windows which was a large part of the budget, so to keep the client happy and my reputation intact I chose Bereco. I know the product well and that the fit, quality and service is second to none. This meant I had something less to worry about on such an historical project”.

Richard Wilson



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