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1 The Pastures, London – Acoustic

A new build family property in the suburbs of north London. Located close to a busy road in north London, noise levels within the proposed new build property were a primary concern for both developer and client.
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The client opted to undertake a road traffic noise assessment to determine what they would need to do on the property to ensure a comfortable living space for their family.  The road traffic noise was found to have significant impact on the front elevation of the property facing the road and in particular the bedrooms and measures to reduce internal noise levels would be required.

Why Bereco?

After research into the options available on acoustically performing building products the client opted for using a glazing within their windows and doors that offered sound insulating properties that would reduce the impact of the road traffic noise on the rooms at the front of the property. A 39dB Rw rated glass was suggested by the acoustic consultants to bring the internal levels down to a comfortable level.

The developer having used Bereco timber windows and doors on a previous client build knew being bespoke and having good insulating properties Bereco would be able to find a solution to the clients desired specification.

Independently tested through BM Trada Bereco could offer the client not only the acoustic glazing they desired but prove overall window acoustic performance whilst satisfying building regulations.


Interesting Fact

Sash windows are generally chosen for their beautification of a property than there functionality and performance characteristics.  For this project Bereco supplied 38dB Rw acoustic Sliding Sash Windows so the client didn’t have to choose between their enhanced specification and design.

Special Requirements

Whilst 39db Rw glazing was specified the client was concerned about the ability of the window to perform and reduce dB levels when the whole window was taken into consideration.  Bereco alleviated these issues with the ability to prove the performance of the whole window to 38dB Rw from their independent testing.

We are very impressed with the windows and their ability to reduce noise in our front living rooms and bedrooms. They look beautiful but still offer us our peaceful retreat in London and i’m sure we will enjoy them for many years to come”.

End Client.


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