Introducing the Bereco Ambient Range

Acoustic Windows & Doors


Why Choose the Ambient Range?

Whether you are a homeowner looking to make your family home a haven, a house builder or developer building close to a main road, flightpath or railway, with a range of sound reduction ratings from 33dB to 42dB we have a noise reducing solution for you.

Sound Reductions up to 42dB

Whether positioned on a busy high street or an airport, with an overall window dB rating of up to 42dB you will find a solution to restore your very own sound of silence.

BlueSky Certified

Unique in that we have certified the window as a whole you have complete assurance that the dB rating we are stating is the sound reduction you will experience.

A-Rated Sound Reductions

We have achieved a Bluesky certified A rated noise reduction level which will help you create a home of calm and tranquility in which you can be truly safe and sound.

Thermally Efficient

With whole window u values as low as 1.2 W/m²K, 40% better than current LB1 Building Regulations you are rest assured that your home is not only safe and sound but warm and cosy.


Weatherproofing and soundproofing go hand in hand and as such all products are tested to perform against all weather conditions with sliding sash windows tested to perform against winds of 136mph.

Safe & Sound

Acoustic glass security ratings of P2 and P4 as standard surpasses the P1A required for Secured by design and Part Q of the Building Regulations, keeping your home both sound and secure.

How do acoustic timber windows and doors work?

Bereco acoustic timber windows and doors from the Ambient range reduce noise by absorbing the sound wave and causing it to lose power. This is achieved through, not only the glass but the frame itself, and each element is carefully designed to absorb and reflect pressure.

Acoustic glass consists of two panes which have been laminated together using an acoustic membrane. Aside from bonding these two panes together, this works to absorb the sound energy and prevent vibration travelling through the glass.

Where air leaks through as does sound. Making use of insulating double gaskets not only has benefits in terms of reduced air leakage and weatherproofing but has the advantage of increased acoustic performance.

The ultimate renewable timber, wood is one of the oldest and most attractive but thats not the only benefit, as a natural it also has a stronger sound dampening property than most other frame materials.

How to identify the noise level I am experiencing?

In modern life we are subjected to various types of environmental noise on a daily basis and the situation is getting worse. We may not even be aware of the damaging effect this is having on our health and wellbeing. Use the chart below to assess your current level of environmental noise.

What sound reduction will I achieve?

The ratings we show represent the dB ratings for the overall window; frame and glass included. Not only this, we have acheived BlueSky certification for Noise Reducing Windows. This gives you a level of assurance that the sound reduction stated is the reduction you will experience.