At The Factory

Bereco Windows Control Of Manufacturing Components

Control of Manufacturing Components

Control of key manufacturing components including glass plant and sawmill mean we are less prone to be affected by supply chain issues in the marketplace. Being vertically integrated in these 2 key areas result in more control of planning and component sourcing which ensures more consistent and accurate lead times which are shorter than many competitors.

Bereco Windows Investments in IT

Heavy investments in IT systems

Heavy investments in IT systems retain control of all purchasing and manufacturing processes. Systems are linked to cutting machines in sawmills, glazing production and all key machinery associated with joinery preparation. The Bereco factory is one of the most advanced in Europe and includes laser guided cutting machines all linked through underground cabling. Machinery as a result operates with minimum operator involvement. Faster production, less errors and control of parts are all critical to effective planning and producing large volumes of quality bespoke joinery every day.

Bereco Windows Stacking of Timber

Preparing Timber

Timber is directly supplied from our forest to our saw mill. It is then cut into lengths and then dried to required moisture levels. Dried boards are then cut to source the most valuable material then selected to different lengths after cutting out knots and other timber defects. It is then sorted with the shortest lengths awaiting finger jointing, short elements are automatically finger jointed to 6m lengths. 6m lengths are laminated using a high pressure press then stored in a self made softwood warehouse. Hardwood is outsourced and stored in a hardwood warehouse.

Bereco Timber Windows - Assembling Frames

Assembling Frames

Timber is cut according to an automatically generated list of required lengths and all pieces are marked with numbers according to the list. Computer screens are used at all manufacturing positions with documentation uploaded so minimal paper work is required.

The tenon joint machine is programmed to automatically make tenon joints according to data input previously. Timber elements with tenon joints made will be passed to assemble the frames and a precise computer controlled cnc machine automatically picks the correct tool for required grooving. Assembled frames are then prepared for painting.

Bereco Timber Windows Treatment

Treatment of windows

To achieve our fully factory finished products, Bereco undertake a four stage GORI treatment process in the application of paint or stain. The first stage is impregnation.

Bereco Timber Windows Sanding Process

Sanding Process

The sanding process is often an area where short cuts are made. At our factory there is a 3 stage sanding process to ensure the smoothest of finishes on all products. After the first basecoat dip sanding is done on both sanding machinery and by hand. Following the first top coat, again products are sanded ready to receive its final top coat of paint.

Bereco Automated Spray Painting

Automated Spray Painting

At the paint shop a base coat is automatically applied and frames are dried after the first coat application. Windows are then hand sanded after basecoat application, a top coat application is then added and frames are left to dry
The factory has two automated paint spray booths where integrated drying chambers operate. These ensure film thicknesses are consistent across all parts of the product. In addition manual checking is carried out on every batch of products to ensure optimum paint build thicknesses.

Bereco Windows Fitting Hardware & Glazing

Fitting Hardware & Glazing

Painted frames are fitted with hardware and weather strips. Windows are then glazed and siliconed.

Bereco Packaging

Touching Up & Packing

After a final touching up all products are quality checked, windows are then washed prior to packaging. All products are packaged individually in bags and cardboard before being palletised to our specially designed timber pallets. Windows are securely packed and palletised.

Bereco Windows Care & Maintenance Set

Accompanying Items

In all deliveries, products are supplied with job referenced boxes which include any parts, such as vents and handles plus their associated screws and caps. Importantly Bereco are the only supplier who as standard supply a small touch up pot of paint FOC. In the event of any knocks or scrapes during installation problems can be quickly and easily rectified by having the paint supplied as part of the product delivery.