Wood Window Alliance

The Wood Window Alliance (WWA) was established in 2007; their mission; to promote the advantages of timber in the construction of windows and doors and to set industry standards for those companies supplying them.

To be considered for membership a manufacturer must demonstrate their wood windows and doors are supplied with independent certification of performance, quality and sustainability. Where the WWA logo is seen consumers can be confident of high quality; long lasting timber windows and doors supplied by its members.

Windows of the world

The Rise of Natural Wellness

This first chapter of the three part series explores the key concerns for homeowners and takes a look at some very clear trends, desires and dreams likely to shape the future of our homes and of our planet.

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The Downton Effect

This second chapter of the Wood Window Alliances Windows on the World report looks at the growing trend for the vintage and heritage, and how it is influencing the design our homes both old and new.

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The Fashion House

This third and final chapter of the Wood Window Alliances Windows on the World reports looks at how our homes have become a fashion statement in recent years and are now an expression and extension of our personalities and identities.

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Timber Vs. PVC

A Clear Choice – Wood Windows vs PVCu

The follow up to the 2005 report ‘Window of Opportunity’ published by the WWF. This interesting and informative read looks at new evidence supporting the claim that Wooden Windows really do have the lowest environmental impact when compared to PVCu.

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Plastic Promises from the PVCu Industry Exposed

Based on from research conducted by the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products in May of 2017 this latest read from the WWA identifies 16 fake facts homeowners should be aware of when choosing between timber and UPVc windows and doors.

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Timber VS PVC Video 1

A study by Heriot Watt University found that the Whole Life Cost of a typical WWA timber window was lower over 60 years, double that of a PVC-u window. Your new timber windows and doors are an investment. One keep you warm and add value to your home for many years to come.

Timber VS PVC Video 2

Wood windows last twice as long as PVC.

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