We continue to stand at the forefront of this campaign, setting ambitious ecological goals, working towards declaring carbon emissions for both our business and our products. Bioregional state that approximately one quarter of our CO2 emissions in the UK come from housing; and so in making timber windows and doors for housing and construction our responsibility to ensure our products are sustainable and energy efficient is greater than most.

As public awareness on issues such as plastic waste, chemicals used in uPVC production, energy usage and the carbon footprint of the products we buy becomes more mainstream, those companies that can supply supporting product information will be well placed.

Timeline of our environmental achievements.


  • We were invited to exhibit at the ASBP’s Healthy Buildings Conference & Expo 2019: Plastics in Construction, issues, impacts and alternatives.
  • We joined the Good Homes Alliance and were pleased to be invited to exhibit at their 2019 conference: Delivering Net Zero and Future Homes.
  • We began sponsoring the ASBP’s Plastics in Construction Working Group that is seeking a reduction in the unnecessary use of plastics and encourage the development and adoption of suitable alternative materials.
  • We achieved an 85% reduction in carbon emissions per delivery when importing our products after we changed our method of transportation from road to sea.


  • We saved 153 acres of rainforest with World Land Trust
  • We now power our offices with 100% renewable energy
  • We replaced all plastic paint tubs with metal paint tins in an effort to reduce waste
  • We achieved a bronze level of recognition with the Supply Chain Sustainability School


  • Bereco undertake our first Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) on our sash window in an effort to become more transparent declaring the carbon footprint of our window.
  • Our milk supply for our offices is changed from plastic cartons from supermarket chains to glass bottles from local producers that are reused.
  • The drinking water for our offices is introduced as mains fed in place of plastic bottles in an effort to further reduce our plastic waste.


  • Bereco sales and estimating offices go fully paperless; with all quotations and correspondence now done via email.


  • Bereco supply windows and doors to the Princes Natural House; a show house at the BRE Innovation Park to demonstrate how new houses can meet stringent low carbon targets.
  • We take the decision to discontinue European Oak due to question marks over its FSC chain of custody.


  • The new Bereco Be Inspired brochure is made available for download in our efforts to reduce paper waste.


  • Heriot Watt University undertake life analysis of timber windows on behalf of the WWA proving engineered timber windows have a service life of 60 years and over.


  • We introduce the Bereco Resource Centre; home to all our CAD drawings, drawings can be downloaded in our first step towards becoming a paperless business.
  • We obtain chain of custody from our factory to our head office and now supply windows and doors manufactured from only FSC 100% timber.


  • Water coolers are introduced into our offices to increase staff wellbeing; with water sourced from a local company supplying water from local Yorkshire springs and with the plastic bottles all being reused.


  • We launch our range of triple glazed windows and doors capable of meeting Passivhaus standards with u values as low as 0.7W/m²K.
  • Our windows achieve ‘A’ rated energy efficiency through the BFRC window energy rating scheme.


  • The Heritage range is launched for architecturally sensitive projects; offing u values of 1.3-1.5W/m²K with narrow cavity SlimLine glazing that offer a balance between thermal efficiency and the requirements of conservation.


  • Warm edge spacers are introduced an option for our high performance sealed units for further energy saving possibilities.


  • We become a founding member of the Wood Window Alliance and join forces with the BWF, and Wood for Good in the promotion of timber as a sustainable material for construction.


  • 12 “zed” houses supplied with Bereco windows in Brixton that went on to win Low Energy Building of the Year Award 2006 and was the first commercial development to achieve the coveted BRE Code 6 ‘as built’ certification in 2007.
  • We become self-sufficient dedicated sawmill introduced for complete control of raw materials.
  • We begin to make our own FSC 100% timber pallets from the waste from our dedicated sawmill.


  • Our window achieves acceptance as the only timber window for the One Planet Products buying group, part of the One Planet Living initiative from Bioregional.


  • FSC chain of custody is established from forest to factory.
  • We deliver our first FSC accredited windows and doors.
  • We introduce the use of only fully recyclable timber pallets for our windows and doors to be delivered on.


  • Our first Environmental Policy is established.
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