15.11.2018 News

Saving endangered wildlife and rainforest with World Land Trust

We have reached the end of another successful quarter in which we are pleased to report that we have now saved 135 acres through our work with the World Land Trust’s Buy an Acre Scheme. If you know us well you will know that we are extremely focused on protecting our environment, and aside from producing sustainable timber windows and doors and setting ambitious environmental goals, we also work with World Land Trust in order to help protect vital habitats in other parts of the world.

Since the very beginning of working with World Land Trust in early 2017, we set an ambitious target to save 1,000 acres. In order to do so, we not only donate £1 for every timber window and door you buy but we give you the opportunity to match our donation at order stage. We work closely with our suppliers in order to encourage a sustainable approach and we thank all customers who have kindly joined with us and donated. With 865 acres remaining as part of the target, we are determined to continue with this goal.

World Land Trust Certificate

Funds raised go towards land protection and World Land Trust are unique in that they fund local in-country partners to purchase this land in order to permanently protect it. In some counties, an acre can be purchased from £100. In 2017, Bereco and other Buy an Acre supporters helped to extend Nangaritza Reserve in Southern Ecuador by 447 acres (181 hectares) of protected rainforest, and to date, through WLT’s Buy an Acre and Carbon Balanced programmes, more than 3,500 acres have been purchased and incorporated into Nangaritza Reserve. This rich habitat home to more than 600 bird species and endangered rainforest mammals such as Mountain Tapir, Ocelot, Spectacled Bear and Jaguar.

You may ask, why do we do this? We strongly believe in making products that are from nature but without taking from nature and we want to make our customers aware of the environmental consequences of their buying decisions. Purchasing timber windows and doors is a big buying decision and you can do so in confidence with Bereco in the knowledge that all timber is sourced sustainably from FSC 100% certified timber meaning we are looking after our forests and preventing deforestation and the knowledge that you are helping to protect endangered habitat.

For more information about Bereco and WLT visit https://www.bereco.co.uk/about/world-land-trust-scheme/

To read more about the impact of WLT https://www.worldlandtrust.org/who-we-are/our-impact/

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