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Preserving our History: Introducing our Collection of Sliding Sash Horns

Sliding Sash Horns

Originating almost 400 years ago sliding sash windows have a rich history having spanned various eras including the Victorian and Georgian eras and have seen many design developments over the years. One of which being the inclusion of a sash horn; dating back to the mid-Victorian period sliding sash horns were a little piece of intelligent Victorian engineering designed to make the joints stronger. Taking on various shapes and sizes over the years, these horns, often intricate, are used today as purely a decorative element and, despite their size, can make all the difference to the overall look of the window.

In order to preserve this rich heritage, we are pleased to introduce a new range of decorative horns designs. By faithfully reproducing designs from various eras, we have designed a collection of horns which will allow you the flexibility and choice to replicate existing designs and maintain the integrity and charm of your home renovation. Whilst discreet, they can often hold a wealth of information and history and a little bit of nostalgia goes a long way in creating a beautiful and authentic look.

Named after historic castles dating from the 11th to 17th century, this collection of six new horns named Aydon, Belsay, Camber, Dalton, Elsdon, Farnham are available on our timber spiral balance windows and timber cords and weights windows across both the Traditional and Heritage range. Each design can be incorporated to both the top sash, bottom sash or both sashes and having this choice really allows complete freedom to create a style unique to you and in keeping with your home’s heritage.

It is important that when choosing your new windows you are able to remain true to the existing design and historic charm of your home and our new range of decorative sliding sash horns allow you to do just that.

“Bereco’s range of sliding sash horns ensure that the character of the original property and the history of the buildings are kept alive and offers a level of choice that you simply don’t come across elsewhere” Lee Marson, Blackthorne Timber Windows.

Download our latest sliding sash drawings via our Resource Centre



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