24.04.2014 News

New Triple Glazed Window Options Available From Bereco

Triple glazing is now available on all Contemporary Range products and on our Traditional Range Sliding Sash, all Doors and Tilt & Turn windows.

Bereco is unique in that we are one of very few companies with the manufacturing capabilities to offer triple glazing on Sliding Sash and Tilt & Turn designs. Our products offer excellent U-Values – our standard Softcoat, low ‘e’ argon filled, triple glazed units offer a centre pane U-Value of 0.7w/m2k. The lower the U-Value of a product the better the insulation properties as heat will transfer more slowly through the window.

Triple glazing offers the ideal solution for where larger window designs are required as it allows for maximum size glazing units with minimum heat loss. This means homes are more energy efficient, keeping household energy bills (heating costs) to a minimum, reducing CO2 emissions and the overall environmental impact.

Choosing triple glazed units can also increase the acoustic performance of a window, improving sound insulation in the home through the reduction of external noise levels able to enter the property. For further information on the wide range of glazing options available from Bereco please visit the glazing section of our website.

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