20.03.2018 News

Introducing our ‘Brand’ new Booklet – Your Choice Matters

Bereco Your Choice Matters

At Bereco we believe that your choice matters and that is why we have created a handy brand booklet guides you through the various aspects of this choice and why this matters to both you, your home and the world we live in.

Choosing windows and doors for your home is a long term investment, one which we believe shouldn’t be a compromise. At Bereco you don’t have to choose between style and security and we will never ask you to leave your environmental conscience at the door.

“We are passionate about our products and passionate about protecting the world that we live in. Sustainability resides at the heart of everything we do; we have always been focused on our environmental responsibilities and continue to do so today over 15 years later.

Our timber windows and doors are not just sustainable, secure and functional, they really are beautiful and I hope you will be inspired to make your choice matter.” Nicola Harrison, General Manager.

The booklet is available to view online, and can be downloaded via our homepage.

If you would like to order copies of our brochure please contact our sales team on 01709 838188.

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