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How we saved acres of rainforest with the World Land Trust and how we will save more

World Land Trust Bereco

At Bereco we have always been extremely mindful of our environmental responsibilities. This is something which is at the very core of the brand and flows through everything we do from the very beginnings of the windows where the timber is sourced, right through to the stage that windows are beautifully installed in your home. With sustainability at heart, we choose wood, not only a material of beauty, but a natural, renewable material which we believe to be critical in achieving sustainable building.

We are the only supplier in the UK to use only FSC® 100% softwood and hardwood in the making of our timber windows and doors. By using wood sourced purely from an FSC® certified forest, we ensure that when you buy our wooden windows and doors you are helping to promote growth of the forest in Europe and worldwide and are protecting our planet from deforestation and climate change by not choosing the alternative. We believe that the more we demand sustainability in our products and services and the demand for non-sustainable products decreases the better off our planet will be.

We have Saved Acres

Today, we remain rooted in our origins of sustainability but we are intent on doing more and believe that as a business we have a responsibility to protect our planet’s ever-vulnerable resources. This passion led us to engage with the work of World Land Trust. As one of the first organisations in the world to focus specifically on the conservation of threatened habitats through land purchase, WLT works with partner organisations across the world to fund the purchase of threatened land to create nature reserves, protecting both habitats and their wildlife. We engaged with this cause and as part of the ‘Buy an Acre’ scheme we have helped to conserve acres of vital rainforest and wildlife.

You helped us Save more Acres

This couldn’t have been made possible without donations from those such as Chris at Hawksmoor Homes who also engaged with the cause and shares our perspective.

“From a company and individual perspective I am acutely aware of the disproportionate levels of waste that we in the construction industry create, and the burden that this has on the natural environment.  It is an unfortunate reality that over time you begin to accept these high levels of waste and low levels of recycling as inevitable.  The information provided by Bereco at the point of order was a timely reminder of our unintended consequences with a concrete and simple action we could take to go a small way in giving something back.” Chris, Hawksmoor Homes Ltd

Chris goes on to say “World Land Trust have a simple and effective mission; protect the land, and this will in turn protect the wildlife.  Their focus is not just to on planting more trees to replace what we take for timber, but to protect the whole ecosystem.”

Thanks to donations from WLT supporters, World Land Trust and its project partners have been instrumental in the purchase and protection of more than 600,000 acres of tropical forest and other threatened habitats, and together ensure that more than four million acres of land are managed under active protection worldwide.

We are Saving even more Acres

Striving to do more, we are now advancing these efforts in a bid to save even more acres. For every window and door you order, Bereco will donate £1 to World Land Trust’s ‘Buy an Acre’ scheme. We will give you the opportunity at order stage to join us in this pledge by matching this donation. This donation will go to WLT’s Buy an Acre projects, where land can still be purchased and protected for £100 an acre to secure tropical forest which is gradually disappearing to create permanently protected nature reserves. This is all in a bid to reach our target of saving 1,000 acres of land.

We believe passionately in protecting our natural world and by choosing to buy our windows you are playing a vital part in that. In essence, when you buy our windows you are protecting our forests and when the windows become a part of your home you are buying and permanently protecting habitats, wildlife and people. To join us in this pledge you will have the opportunity to make a donation at order stage.

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