05.11.2019 News

Every Door Makes a Difference

Bereco World Land Trust Elephant

Even today over 15 BILLION trees a year are being cut down to help sustain our way of life; 139 acres of trees are disappearing from our planet every MINUTE to give way to cash crops such as palm oil and areas are still being cleared without considering the impact on the local environment and its wildlife. 

Cutting down trees at this rate not only has a huge impact on our planets ability to heal itself with trees taking and storing the carbon in our atmosphere; millions of animal species also rely on them for food and shelter and as a result habitat loss is now the greatest threat facing our wildlife worldwide. 

An acre of rainforest contains over 86 different species of tree; trees used by wildlife as habitat. Aligned with our own sense that we have a responsibility to prevent deforestation from happening World Land Trust have been working to fund the protection of acres of land at risk from deforestation worldwide.

To date the Buy an Acre scheme has secured and protected just less than 775,000 acres of land worldwide creating permanently protected nature reserves.

Bereco are proud to announce that we have now contributed to this total with our donations since mid-2017 protecting over 195 acres of land; the equivalent of 3120 tennis courts.

We want to thank all our customers who in purchasing our doors are helping in the fight against deforestation and for all our customers whom have matched our donations for your generosity.

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