04.11.2014 News

Bereco Window Indestructible at Timber Expo 2014

The demonstration was designed to highlight the importance of window security and resistance to burglary. All security tests were undertaken under timed conditions and were designed to simulate the testing undertaken in controlled BM TRADA test laboratories. The window was tested to the principles of PAS 24 and BS6375 parts 1, 2 and 3 to display the testing required for windows to meet Secured by Design conditions.

The demonstration attracted quite a crowd of visitors and the results achieved in every test highlighted the high quality and security performance of our products. The live testing consisted of a series of manual attacks on the window by a specialist BM TRADA technician who attempted to gain access to the window through the areas believed to be the weakest points of the window.

All tests are designed to simulate the most common forms of window entry often attempted by a burglar. Testing included an attempt to manually remove the external glazing and an attack on the window’s main locking point. A range of tools including a combination of knives, screwdriver types and nail bars were used in order to attempt to gain access.

Our window resisted all entry attempts with flying colours and even when a crow bar was used in addition to the standard tests for the enhanced security test, the window remained inaccessible!

Technical experts from BM TRADA were on the stand offering advice on timber window testing and related Q-Mark certification schemes for windows and doors.

Additional information on all our BM TRADA certifications can also be found on the BM TRADA website. A sample of the actual window tested at the exhibition can be seen on display in the Bereco showroom.

To view the full range of our product accreditations visit the certification section of the Bereco website or contact a member of our staff today on 01709 838188.

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