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Bereco Launch 45dB Acoustic Sash Window

According to recent surveys 70% of people feel stressed by loud levels of noise which can have a negative impact on their general well being. Although there are several factors that can affect the levels of noise inside a building; one of the key factors is the performance of the windows installed in the property.

The majority of buildings subject to the highest levels of environmental noise are often located in inner city or built up locations. Sash windows are also extremely common in these areas, where again the issue is most prevalent. These are often older properties that are traditional in design which feature Sliding Sash windows with single glazing. By their very nature sash windows tend to be much larger in size than other window designs meaning achieving optimum acoustic performance is critical.

Bereco have launched the acoustic Sash window with high performance acoustic glazing which significantly improves the windows acoustic performance. Unique to the market our acoustic Sliding Sash window can accommodate 36mm glazed units that are able to achieve decibel ratings up to 45 dB.

The very best acoustic performance is achieved where glazing panes are made from laminated glass, which can vary in thicknesses. To achieve higher dB ratings Bereco use 6/8 and 10mm laminated panes of glass with acoustic foils. To retain thermal performance, this often means the thickness of the glazing unit needs to be 36mm to accommodate this.

Many manufacturers are unable to fit such wide glazing units within their window profiles, particularly on the more traditional window designs such as Sliding Sash. The skilled workmanship and technical advances in our factories mean we have the manufacturing capability necessary to produce windows designs with profiles extended from a standard 24mm unit to the 36mm necessary to accommodate the most superior acoustic glazing.

In addition to glazing, the overall performance of the window also has a significant impact on acoustic performance. There is little point of investing in acoustic glass that it is then fitted into a window which has poor performance characteristics. Any gaps between sashes, however small, will allow the noise to penetrate regardless of the glass type used.

Bereco’s Acoustic Sash Window has achieved excellent weather ratings and is covered by the BM TRADA Q Mark High Performance Window Scheme. We are one of only 3 suppliers in the UK to have membership to the scheme demonstrating the exceptional performance of our products that exceed the standards required by the General Window Scheme.

It is also important to consider how the use of trickle vents can impact on a windows acoustic performance. In the event of an acoustic glazing requirement we advise alternative means of air flow via mechanical extraction rather than the use of Trickle Vents. However, acoustic vents are available upon request.

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