23.09.2014 News

Bereco High Performance Window at Timber Expo

As part of the demonstration BM TRADA will be undertaking a series of security tests on a Bereco high performance timber window. The window will be tested to PAS 24 and BS6375 parts 1, 2 and 3 to display the testing required for windows to meet Secured by Design conditions.

The following tests will be undertaken; manual check test, manual glazing/infill test and finally a manipulation test. These are designed to simulate the most common forms of window entry by a burglar.

Manual check test

A 15 minute attack on the window will be undertaken using a variety of tools including a combination of screwdriver types and nailbars in order to gain access.

Manual Glazing/infill test

A 3 minute attack will be undertaken on the glazing or infill system in an attempt to remove the glazing without it shattering the glass.

Manipulation test

Access will be attempted through the screw heads in the window hardware. A 3 minute attack with a combination of tools will be is undertaken on the hinge or hinge protector followed by a 3 minute attack on the locking point.

All testing undertaken to demonstrate windows meet Secured by Design standards must be certified by a UKAS accredited certification body such as BM TRADA.

Technical experts from BM TRADA will be available to offer advice and answer any questions on timber window testing and related certification schemes for doors, windows and timber products.

Bereco flyers will be on the stand to provide additional information on the many BM TRADA product certifications held by Bereco and a range flyer providing a brief overview of our product offering.

Visitors can register for the show at www.timber-expo.co.uk and for additional information on BM TRADA certifications visit www.bmtradagroup.com

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