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Bereco are Part Q ready – are you?

Bereco products are PAS24:2012 tested and certified as members of BM TRADA Q Mark schemes. BM Trada are a SBD approved third party accreditation body meaning you can comply with ADQ with minimum effort.

Bereco products are all Part Q compliant

Certificates are shown on our website: www.bereco2.dev/about/certification-warranties

Or on the SBD website with a full list of products that comply: www.securedbydesign.com/members/bereco-limited

Download our PDF Guide: Part Q & What it means for you

Things to consider:

Letter Plates

Letter plates, where provided, should:
a. Have a maximum aperture of 260mm x 40mm, and
b. Be located and/or designed to hinder anyone attempting to remove keys with sticks and/or insert their hand, for example by incorporating a flap or other features to restrict access.

Bereco Draftdodger letter plates comply:

  • Anti-snap flap opens to 180 degrees with fully spring return.
  • Secure through fixing ensures letter plate can only be removed from the inside of the house.
  • Conforms to the requirement of BS EN 13724: 2002.
  • Tested as part of a complete doorset that successfully achieved PAS 24.
  • Flap cycle tested to 30,000 cycles.

Main Doors

The main doors for entering a dwelling (usually the front door) should have a door viewer unless other means exist to see callers, such as clear glass within the door or a window next to the doorset. The same doorset should also have a door chain or door limiter fitted.

Bereco offer a range of door chains and limiters, please see our Entrance Door page for more information.


The glass requirement is not directly stated in ADQ other than Appendix B (option 2), but it refers to it in PAS24: 2012, which in turn refers to the SBD new homes document. This requires all doors and windows that are accessible (if not lockable) to be fitted with P1A Security Glass.

Bereco supply P2A Glass which exceeds the minimum requirements. 

Further commentary on security glass and the implications for SAP/CE Marking will be documented in our next technical release. 

Bereco are Part Q ready…… Are you?

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Download our PDF Guide: Part Q & What it means for you

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