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Bereco Achieve Bluesky Noise Reducing Window Certification For New Ambient Range

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Noise has become so common in everyday life that it is almost accepted but exposure to noise does not only have the ability to cause irritation and stress but studies have shown that this can be linked to serious health issues such as cardiovascular disorders, heart disease, stroke and dementia. A study undertaken by the World Health Organisation showed that three in one hundred deaths in the UK are caused by exposure to noise.

Noise has in fact been identified as ranking second amongst all environmental threats to public health, just behind air pollution. In an age where noise is on the rise, this is increasingly worrying. Concern is being raised by authorities with the city of London announcing a Noise Reducing Strategy aimed at tackling the environmental noise levels in the city. It is essential that we take measures to protect ourselves from this noise and in order to do so we must look to our homes.

Having studied the intricacies of noise in the home, and in a bid to provide a noise reducing solution that can be relied upon, Bereco is pleased to announce the launch of the Ambient Timber Window & Door Range. Unique to the market, this highly anticipated range includes a number of noise reducing levels from 38dB right up to 42dB.

Most manufacturers will state the dB rating for the glazing alone but this does not take into account the noise ‘leak’ that may potentially occur through the frame. Poorly fitted gaskets, gaps in the frame and trickle vents can all be responsible for this. At Bereco we have measured the overall dB rating for the window and this is what we state.

We are pleased to report that each level within the range has been awarded Bluesky Noise Reducing Windows certification and the 42dB window has achieved a Bluesky A-rated noise reduction level. The majority of windows and doors on the market would achieve a C, D or E rating. Fitting an A-rated product will greatly reduce noise levels in the building compared to a standard window and will be sufficient for almost all cases. Instaling a certified noise reducing window ensures a proven level which gives you complete assurance.

Despite there being a host of home soundproofing options available in the marketplace from secondary glazing to curtains and blinds and acoustic plasterboard, there are very few which can be relied upon. Noise will enter a building through the weakest point of that building and the acoustic performance of the whole building will be affected considerably by the weakest part of the building fabric and this typically is the windows.

A poorly performing window will severely negate the effect of even the strongest wall. A typical single glazed sliding sash window has little or no ability to act as a defence barrier for outside noise. If you are looking to soundproof your home it is absolutely essential that you assess the windows.

Whatever your noise exposure, the Ambient Range will help you create a home of calm and tranquillity in which you can be truly safe and sound. Whether positioned on a busy high street or an airport, with an overall window dB rating of up to 42dB you will find a solution to restore your very own sound of silence.

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