Fixing packs, foam and sealant enable a professional installation whilst regular maintenance helps prolong product life and ensures original warranties are maintained.

Cavity Formers

Cavity Formers are the simplest, most effective way to seal cavities around wall openings and provide a rigid window or door frame template. As well as acting as a brickwork former, they enhance thermal efficiency, create a damp-proof course and prevent thermal bridging in accordance with Part L of the Building Regulations.

  • – 2, 3 or 4 sided cavity formers.
  • – Closes any size cavity between 50mm and 300mm.
  • – Circles, arches, ovals and combination T or P shape frames.
  • – BBA certified and meet Part L of the Building Regulations.
  • Built-in thermal efficiency

    Cavity formers incorporate an insulated core, which not only improves thermal efficiency for Part L Building Regulations compliance, but also saves time on site because no additional insulation needs to be fitted.

  • Easy-to-install

    Cavity formers are very easy to install and eliminate the time-consuming process of fitting.

  • Prevent cold-bridging, condensation and mould

    Using rigid cavity formers achieves a close fit around all building apertures to prevent draughts. It creates an effective damp-proof barrier and prevents cold-bridging, condensation and mould growth.

  • Eco-friendly made from 100% recycled material

    Cavity formers are manufactured entirely from recycled post-consumer waste. Today, with the Code for Sustainable Homes offering credits to builders who use sustainable materials and energy-efficient products, Cavalok cavity closures are the obvious choice for every new-build project.

Bereco Fixing Packs

Fixing Packs

At Bereco we recommend the use of fixing packs ensuring all components are to hand, enabling quicker installation. The number of fixing packs depends on the size of windows; one pack is designed for the largest size window. Included in the pack is the following:

  • 8 x metal fixing straps/plates (200mm)
  • 16 x 10 gauge 1 ¼” wood screws for fixing the strap to the frame
  • 16 x 3/16” x 2 ¼” masonry (Tapcon) screws for fixing the strap into the brickwork
  • 10 x wedge packers and 10 x flat packers for packing and levelling.
Bereco Silicone Sealant

Silicone Sealant

This window sealant gives excellent adhesion to all common building materials, porous and non-porous without the use of primers. It Is waterproof and weather and mould resistant ensuring water runoff and will stay looking clean long after occupancy.

  • Our perimeter sealant comes in 300ml tubes of Sika Plastix 22a silicone.
  • Colours; Anthracite Grey, Black, Chartwell Green, Teak, Caramel, Translucent, Brilliant White
  • One tube = 2-3 frames.

Sika Plastix 22a Manufacturers Instructions

Sika Plastix Colour Options

Soudafoam Gap Foam

Soudafoam Window & Door expanding foam has a precision gap filling nozzle; so you fill only the gaps around the window. Can be cut, sawn, plastered and siliconed over within 2 hours allowing exterior completion of the watertight seal of the building envelope.

A self-expanding, ready to use foam, which contains propellants which are not harmful to the ozone layer, this foam has a high insulation value, along with thermal and acoustic properties.

  • Our gap filling foam comes in 750ml canisters of Soudafoam Window & Door Expanding Foam
  • One canister = 2-3 frames.

Soudafoam Window and Door Product Description.

Bereco Maintenance Kit

Teknos Clean & Care Sets

Bereco clean and care sets are suitable for both hardwood and softwood timber types and both painted and stained finishes. They restore shine to the dulled and weathered finish of your windows and doors. They also help to maintain your all important timber and finish warranties and Increase the time to first redecoration.Our clean and care sets contain:

  • 1 bottle clean solution (1000ml)
  • 1 bottle care solution (1000ml)
  • One set =10 frames

Teknos Care Data Sheet
Teknos Care Safety Sheet
Teknos Clean Data Sheet
Teknos Clean Safety Sheet

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