Finishing Touches

We offer a wide range of finishing touches designed to save time during installation or to further enhance the appearance of the windows and doors. All products are supplied factory finished ensuring both consistency and quality. Window boards & architraves can also be supplied to match the finish of the product.

Arched packers for a curved head effect.

Image shows Contemporary Range Sliding Sash Cords & Weights Windows with 16mm Georgian bar design and arched head packers. Contemporary Range Lipped French Doors. Finish is BS10.B.15 Gardenia.

Cheeks to suit a tile hanging facade.

Image shows a Traditional Range Flush Casement with 9mm antique black lead and cheeks in a Traffic White finish.

Customise your window design with fluted posts & facings.

Image shows a Traditional Range Sliding Sash Spiral Balance Windows with chamfered and fluted posts in a Traffic White finish.

A curved plate feature to the top sash.

Image shows Traditional Range Sliding Sash Spiral Balance Windows with curved outside head facing and curved plate in a Traffic White finish.

Finishing touches explained.

Bereco Windows Cill Horn Illustration

Cill Horn.

Extends either side of the window frame.

Bereco Windows Arched Packers Illustration

Arched Packer

Where infills are required to an arched lintel to create a curved head.

Bereco Windows Packer Illustration


For use where a reveal is present or where render returns onto the window.

Bereco Windows Curved Plate Illustration

Curved Plate

The sash and glass is supplied as one compete curved unit to create a unique design feature.

Bereco Windows Cheeks Illustration


Ideal for dormer windows or where tile hanging is a feature.