18.01.2019 Case Study

Bereco Donate Repurposed Timber Windows to Wortley Community Centre

Here at Bereco, we are always conscious of our choices and the effect that this has on the planet. We have formed an in house environmental working group and regularly discuss our progress against our existing environmental goals and set new ones but it doesn’t stop there. Our staff are involved too and are continuously looking for ways to reduce waste and suggest new ways of working.

As all our windows and doors are bespoke and made to order we produce very minimal waste and keep very little in stock however on the occasion we do have items in stock we do not let them go to waste. We were approached by RIBA Chartered Architecture Project Office as part of their latest project at New Wortley Community Centre looking for recycled materials in order to maximise the grant which has been awarded to their client New Wortley Community Association and we were only too happy to help. This award-winning project was vital for the community in transforming the building into a centre for health and wellbeing which extends its support to local people struggling with mental health issues and social isolation with counselling services, group therapy and home support.


Project Office work with communities, organisations, local authorities and individuals concerned with ethical and socially resilient architecture and design. With no funds for architectural consultancy, New Wortley Community Association approached Leeds Beckett for help to create a new building at the side of the existing centre. Project Office is co-directed by Craig Stott and Simon Warren, architects and senior lecturers in Architecture at Leeds Beckett University and has undertaken diverse projects within the Leeds City region. What is unique is that it uses the power of student led design and research to provide concept proposals for organisations such as charities and community associations who are unable to afford standard architectural consultancy.  As a result of their work to revamp the Wortley Community Centre, Project Office was shortlisted for the RIBAJ MacEwan Award 2018, a prestigious architecture award.


New Wortley Community Centre is a vibrant community space for local people, providing much needed educational, social and support opportunities in the area. Having received a Leeds Fund Strategic Grant from the Foundation, they were able to engage local people struggling with mental health issues and social isolation with counselling services, group therapy and home support. In order to complete the project Bereco donated two timber Sliding Sash windows along with a Tilt & Turn and Casement Window. Each window was redecorated in vibrant primary colours and they now make up a feature hallway providing natural light.


New Wortley is inner city suburb of Leeds. Following the slum clearance of the 1960s mainly semi detached and high-rise dwellings were erected. This characterises the area to this day. In 1982 the current community centre was built along Tong Road to serve this community. Although the building has been in continued and popular use, little investment in its up keep and the total reliance on volunteers to run it has created a hand to mouth existence.

The new building has proved a remarkable catalyst attracting a host of fresh users, volunteers and opportunities. Consequently, the community centre now plays a pivotal role in the city’s most disadvantaged community offering drug rehabilitation, job shops, laundrette, charity shop, IT and skills classes, back to work volunteering opportunities, health and wellbeing classes, and much more.

We are delighted to see the project take shape and provide an important centre for the community.

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