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Bereco offer architects and other construction professionals the latest information in the ever changing and highly regulatory construction sector. With our many years in the design, manufacturing and supply of timber windows and doors we are well placed to offer advice and guidance on key subjects such as regulatory compliance through to the sustainability of our built environment.

The New Part Q & What It Means For You

Our RIBA certified core curriculum CPD ‘ The New Part Q & What it Means for YOU’ focuses on the requirements of windows and doors under the building regulations Approved Document Q Security- Dwellings.

Learning Aims

  • An understanding of what property types are covered by Part Q and which products fall within its scope.
  • An understanding of how easily accessible windows and doors are defined in Part Q.
  • An understanding of the standards of security performance needed and optional routes to specification of Part Q compliant windows and doors.
  • An understanding of the difference between Part Q and Secured by Design.
  • An understanding of the consequences of non-compliance.
  • Earn double points and an hour of your core curriculum CPD with our RIBA certified CPD seminar ‘The New Part Q & What it Means for YOU’

Core Curriculum Subjects

  • Designing and building it: design, construction, technology and engineering
  • Compliance: Legal, Regulatory and Statutory Frameworks and Processes

Knowledge Level

  • General awareness

Noise & Health In The Built Environment

Our RIBA certified core curriculum CPD ‘Noise and health in the built environment’ discusses the problem with noise and how to address acoustics in the built environment.

Learning Aims

  • To develop an understanding of the effects that noise has on our health
  • To detail the ways in which to design out noise
  • Knowledge of the acoustic performance of glazing
  • An understanding of the process of the acoustic testing of windows and doors
  • An overview of how sound reduction is measured.
  • An introduction to the acoustic test standard BS EN10140-2

Core curriculum subjects

  • Design, Construction and Technology
  • Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Knowledge level

  • General Awareness

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