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Installing Timber Windows & Doors Correctly

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Bespoke Front Door Curved Bars

Bereco’s range of installation and maintenance solutions will ensure a high performance installation that is fully compliant with UK building regulations and Bereco warranties.

Cavity Formers

Window and door reveals if not closed correctly can lead to heat loss and issues with mould, damp and even water ingress. Certified by the BBA Bereco cavity formers ensure compliance with Part C and Part L of the building regulations.

Benefits of Bereco’s cavity formers:

  • Act as a former for the brickwork opening and cavity to be created
  • Ensure windows and door sizes are calculated to fit the opening with allowed tolerances for installation
  • Are delivered fully welded complete with timber bracing to the structural opening size eliminating the need for measuring openings of windows and doors
  • Close and seal off the cavity to prevent cold bridging
  • Act as a vertical DPC at reveals to prevent water ingress
  • Offer a simple fixing system for frame installation

Cavity Former Options:

  • 2, 3 or 4 sided formers
  • Cavity widths from 50mm to 300mm
  • T & P shaped formers for door and window combination frames
  • Arched, circular and oval shaped formers
  • Structural fix door/large frame formers
  • Fully welded bay formers made to any angle

Fixing Packs

Another common cause of issues with opening and closing of windows and doors after installation is a lack of fixings or inadequate fixings. In order to overcome this Bereco recommend our windows and door sets be installed using our fixing packs that contain all the parts you need for solid frame installation.

Benefits of Bereco’s fixing packs

  • Offer a simple strap and screw fixing system for frame installation into; concrete; brick and block
  • Ensure the stability of the frame in the opening preventing flex and operational issues with windows and doors once installed
  • Pack quantities ensure the correct number of straps, fixings and size of fixings are used in line with BS8213-4:2016 (one pack=1800mm high frame)
  • Leave the factory finish of the windows and doors intact; eliminating the need for filling and touching up post installation

Fixing Pack Contents:

  • 8 x metal fixing straps/plates (300mm)
  • 16 x 10 gauge 1 ¼” wood screws for fixing the strap to the timber window or door frame
  • 16 x 3/16” x 2 ¼” masonry (Tapcon) screws for fixing the strap into the brickwork / blockwork
  • 10 x wedge packers and 10nr flat packers for packing and levelling of the windows/doors

Exact Gap Foam

Sealing between the window/door frame and wall is paramount to prevent air and water ingress for compliance with Part C and L of the UK Building Regulations. A common cause of operational issues in windows and doors post completion is the overuse of expanding foam. Expanding foams fill the gaps but too much in this case is not a good thing putting pressure on the window and or door frames causing bow.

Benefit’s of Everbuild Exact Gap Foam:

  • Has a precision gap filling nozzle; so you fill only the gaps avoiding marking the factory paint finish and having to cut back and dispose of excessive overspill of foam
  • Minimally expands 5-10% only on application putting minimal stress on the timber window or door frame
  • Can be cut, sawn, plastered and siliconed over within 2 hours allowing exterior completion of the watertight seal of the building envelope

Our gap filling foam comes in 750ml canisters of Everbuild Exact Gap Foam; one canister = 2-3 frames.

Sika Plastix 22a Silicone Sealant

Well-appointed perimeter sealing of window and door frames in accordance with BS 8213-4:2016 is fundamental in creating the final watertight seal of the building envelope; and in ensuring compliance with Part C of the UK Building Regulations.

Benefits of Sika Plastix 22a Silicone Sealant:

  • Provides excellent flexibility +/- 25% allowing movement of the timber frame
  • Is low modulus approved to ISO 11600-F-25LM
  • Gives excellent adhesion to all common building materials, porous and non-porous without the use of primers
  • Is waterproof; weather and mould resistant ensuring water runoff and will stay looking clean long after occupancy
  • Our perimeter sealant comes in 300ml tubes of Sika Plastix 22a silicone; one tube = 2-3 frames.

Available in; Anthracite Grey, Black, Chartwell Green, Teak, Caramel, Translucent, Brilliant White

Teknos Clean & Care Sets

Can timber windows and doors really be low maintenance? Bereco high performance timber windows and doors with advance coating technology now means yes they can. The flexible water repellent coatings offer enhanced protection of the timber but weathering can erode these properties overtime; our easy to use 2 step clean and care system only needs to be carried out twice a year with minimal effort for beautiful looking windows all year round.

Benefits of Teknos clean and care system:

  • Cleans and cares for both hardwood and softwood timber types and both painted and stained finishes.
  • Restore shine to the dulled and weathered finish of your timber windows and doors
  • Maintain the water repellent properties of the factory applied finish
  • Maintain your all-important timber and finish warranties
  • Increase the time to first redecoration
  • Our clean and care sets contain 1 bottle clean solution (500ml) 1 bottle care solution (500ml)
  • One set = 10 frames


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