07.09.2012 Blog

Bereco Sash Windows – Locking Demo

To ensure all Bereco products are safe for all users and to achieve Approved Building Regulations, Bereco install window restrictors as standard. There are a series of different restrictors across the Bereco range, and with the sliding sash windows there are 2 options available.

The video first shows the Angel Lock (Traditional Sash standard). As standard Bereco apply 1 Angel Lock to the sash. A further Angel Lock can be added for additional safety and security. The purpose of the quick release push button design is to ensure that both Angel Locks cannot be released at any one time, keeping the bottom sash restricted.

Secondly the video shows the Vent Lock (Contemporary Sash standard). Only one Vent Lock is applied to each sash. Again, like the Angel Lock, the Vent Lock restricts the sash’s opening. We recommend that you liase with your Building Inspector that Vent Locks comply with Part B Fire Safety regulations before specifying them as they are key operated.