04.05.2012 Blog

Bereco Flush Entrance Doors Adjustment & Leaf Installation

All Bereco Entrance doors and French doors are supplied pre hung in their frames with SFS Intec hinges that offer easy adjustment once installed in 3 dimensions.

Adjusting the flush door is simple. The SFS Just 3D flush door hinge allows adjustment by one person using a basic 4mm allen key without the need for special tools. Installers can modify the door leafs’ horizontal position its height and the gasket pressure on the door by +/-2.5mm.

This short video shows the process of fitting the SFS Just 3D flush door hinge onto the door frame and door leaf; hanging the leaf and finally adjustment of the hinge to ensure trouble free operation after installation.

Door styles available Flush: Double Leaf French Doors, Single Leaf French Doors, Double Leaf Entrance Doors, Single Leaf Entrance Doors