We were the First

Our timber windows and doors are designed with performance in mind. Bereco were one of the first companies to use soft coat low ‘e’ argon filled double glazing and Secured by Design approved locking systems all incorporated into laminated defect free engineered wooden windows and door frames.

This not only improves the products appearance but its longevity and overall structural strength.

Energy Saving

At Bereco we set the bar on thermal performance not just at levels required to meet building regulations, but to the optimum achievable through available technology. Using low ‘e’ coatings, inert gases and warm edge spacers, incorporated into timber; itself an insulator; all optimise thermal performance, and reduce energy use.

Even today our standard product is 40% better than the building regulations require.

Giving you Confidence

All Bereco windows and doors are supported by a number of accreditation schemes, run by third party independent organisations our commitment to these schemes ensure we stand out from the crowd.

Schemes covering our products’ weather performance, security, manufacturing, paint application, and the material sourcing involve regular audits ensuring compliance and complete transparency on our part with the auditing company. We strongly believe these schemes offer a level of confidence in what you are buying, crucial in a sector renowned for what it doesn’t say.

Sustainable at Heart

Our environmental credentials have always been a key driver for our business; in that every product we sell comes only from sustainable sources. For us, this is not an option it is mandatory that all timber used in the production of our timber windows and doors is FSC 100% with full chain of custody back to the forest.

Friendly & Professional

Bereco demand from our staff some of the most stringent service levels in the industry. Word of mouth is our main marketing medium, and is testament to the service offered by our staff, and the quality of our wooden windows and doors.

Established and Unique

Delivering large quantities of bespoke products to a constant 6-8 week lead time all year round requires that all members of the supply chain perform. In order to maintain our year round lead times Bereco have both a dedicated sawmill with timber lamination line and glazing plant manufacturing our own sealed units, ensuring we are in complete control of the key elements needed to meet the deadlines of our customers.

Exterior Design

At Bereco we recognise that everyone wants choice and flexibility. Timber windows and doors are a purchase which will last for many years, it is your home and products should enhance that environment. Every product we supply is individually designed to meet your needs. Extensive CAD capabilities and IT systems ensure bespoke options can be accommodated without any fuss or premium charges.

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